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10 Good Habits to inculcate in Children

It is not possible to always be with your child and take care of him. The mentioned healthy habits for kids will make him competent to take care of himself all his life. Guide him step by step from his early childhood to practice these good habits for a healthy body and a happy mind.


The earlier you introduce importance of good habits in children, the better would be the benefits your munchkin enjoys. The good habits would not only keep them physically healthy, but also contribute to their sound mental health. However, don’t force these habits on them but discover fun ways of letting them know the perks of these habits. Your child would thank you years later when he would understand the value of these habits that you gifted them in their childhood.


Good Habits to inculcate in your chil

    1. Importance of breakfast Encourage your child to have a wholesome breakfast as it would keep him energised throughout the day. A good breakfast is one of the biggest secrets for an active body. Include fresh fruits, eggs, milk, and cereals in your kid’s breakfast to keep him healthy.
    2. Fixed time for meals Keep a fixed time for all your meals. This will bring your entire family together, including kids on the dining table at a fixed time every day. It will not only improve your kid’s eating habits, but also strengthen your bond as a family. He will learn to cherish his moments with family forever. Isn’t that sweet?
    3. Cleanliness One of the common bad habits of children is poor oral hygiene. Teach your child to brush and floss twice a day. Washing hands before and after eating is also an essential health practice that your kid must follow. Make bathing fun with little games and bath toys in the initial years.
    4. Sleeping routine Sleep time should also be fixed like meal times. The biological clock is an important cue for us all, most importantly children. It will give her adequate sleep at night and enough time for her activities during the daytime.
    5. Indulge in Physical Activities Let your child discover the joys of being physically active. Introduce him to various sports and extra curricular activities like dancing, swimming, or gymnastics. A happy by product is a good appetite and sound sleep, which also contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
    6. Restrict His Television, Video Games and Computer Time You wouldn’t like a couch potato in your house, would you? Encourage your child to develop hobbies that keep her engaged without watching television or playing video games which in today’s world occupies a high rank in the list of bad habits for kids.
    7. Develop Reading Skills Read a book to your child every day till she learns to read by herself. Reading is one of the best habits that you can teach your kids. It would open a wide world of imagination that is necessary for good mental health.
    8. Social Butterfly Get your child to interact with new people. However, you would want to keep an eye on your child for his safety. Let him make friends and spend time with them. It would improve their communication skills and teach them to cooperate with other people.
    9. Develop Problem-solving Skills You love your child more than she will ever know. But it doesn’t mean that you have to assist her in everything she does. Let her develop self confidence by doing some things all by herself. Don’t pick her up every time she falls, or if she gets into an argument with another child. She will find out ways to come out of these situations before you know it.
    10. Teach the right sharing etiquette Inculcate the habit of sharing in your kids, but he doesn’t have to share everything. Tell him about things that are personal like handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, and combs – things that can spread infections.Remember, you are the mirror for your child. Participate wholeheartedly in teaching the above given good habits and habits for kids to your little tots. After all, you are the best teacher he can ever get.


Which are the good habits you teach your child? Tell us in the comments and we will add them to our list!

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